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Zyber Insurance LLC is an independent Insurance Agency and a Specialty Insurance Broker, headquartered in Miami. We combine technology and insurance expertise to assist tech companies in assessing its digital related risks as well as in selecting the best insurance option. Working with innovative Insurance carriers and strategic technology partners, we go beyond the traditional insurance agencies, also offering solutions for cyber risk quantification (CRQ) and expertise in assessment for advanced technology risks

Zyber Coverage in USA

Zyber Insurance is Licensed in Propriety & Casualty in 10 States and in Surplus Lines in 9 States. We are established as

Zyber Insurance LLC in Florida, and operates under the foreign LLC or License under the name Zyber Insurance Services in some states. 

"Zyber Insurance" is trademark registered owned by Zyber Insurance LLC under the Registration No 6,978,512 

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