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Cyber Insurance 

Get ready for a cyber incident 

Having a cyber incident is no longer about if but about when. Get ready to handle it in a way you don't put the future of your company at risk. From ransomware attacks by hackers to data breaches that may expose your company to penalties, the average cost of handling an incident may be a few million dollars,  even for small companies.


Privacy and data protection laws require companies to treat personal identifiable information. In the case of a cyber incident, companies have to be ready to respond to it. Organizations ultimately depend on their reputation to succeed in business. The same way we prepare for potential catastrophes like hurricanes, the best time to plan for a cyber incident is before it happens.

Count on Zyber Insurance's technology and insurance expertise to prepare for it! 

1)  Risk Assessment

 There is no way to eliminate digital-related risks completely, but we can take a holistic approach to identify your potential digital-related vulnerabilities, starting with an external assessment of your data available on the dark web, if any, and asking you a few questions, leveraging probabilistic models to estimate your risk factor

"Cyberthreat Real-time MAP" by Bitdefender illustrates cyber attacks happening right now. 

As companies expand their digital footprint, getting interconnected with partners, transacting online, connecting devices for data gathering, and hosting applications in cloud providers, the higher the probability of a cyber attack. 

Getting insured requires a specific posture for critical vulnerabilities such as the adoption of multi-factor authentication, the encryption of data systems, and an affirmative stance to adopt the best practices in cyber security. 

2) Holistic Risk Analysis

Your risk is unique and may increase with the amount and type of personal information your handle from both employees and customers, as well as decrease depending on the governance and best practices you adopt to protect your data 

Learn more about the industries with higher probability of cyber incidents, which have evolved throughout the years, with the "Chubb Cyber Index" below. you can also estimate the appropriate amount you should consider for a cyber police coverage, based on your industry, revenue and number of records for personal identifiable information (PII)  

3) compare options and make a decision

Based on your risk, we help you to compare cyber insurance options and discuss the trade-offs between more investment in cyber security and cyber insurance to find the best mix to protect your business.

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