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Our Partners 

Zyber Insurance primarily partners with innovative Insurers, leveraging information technology such as AI and Machine learning for a fast and customized quote. We believe that risk mitigation to prevent incidents is equally crucial as transferring the risks with insurance. Most of our the insurance we partner  go beyond the regular insurance offers, also providing risk assessment as well as threat monitoring services. We are always looking for partners to offer a comprehensive solution for our customers to address digital-related risks. 

Note : Partners bellow are displayed in alphabetical order 

Boxx insurance is a digital age insurance provider built to help businesses and families stay ahead of cyber threats and respond to them. Powered by great technology, BOXX is making cyber more straightforward by aiming for zero paperwork and instant everything. BOXX is headquartered in Canada and licensed in many states in the US. 

​Cyberboxx™: Business Edition includes plug-and-play services such as Managed Firewall & Monitoring with Hackbusters, making it simple to boost your cyber resilience. Backed by a team of cyber security experts ready to protect your network environment 24/7/365, The Hackbusters™ team is designed to reduce the burden of smaller firms managing cybersecurity independently. 

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CFC is a specialist insurance provider, pioneer in emerging risk, and market leader in cyber. CFC's global insurance platform uses cutting-edge technology and data science to deliver smarter, faster underwriting and protect customers from today’s most critical business risks.

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Cowbell Cyber is a leading provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) headquartered in Pleasanton, California and licensed to all the 50 U.S. States. 

Cowbell standalone, individualized, and easy-to-understand cyber insurance leveraging artificial intelligence techniques, actuarial models and inside-out data sources to customize the insurance policy. Cowbell Factors benchmarks enterprise risk exposure against a risk pool of millions of businesses, constantly showing enterprise risk managers the hazards as well as remediation to mitigate potential losses, enabling continuous risk assessment.  


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Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurance company and a leading commercial lines insurer in the U.S. With operations in 54 countries and territories. 

Chubb offers a variety of Cyber Insurance products to different company sizes and industries, including DigiTech® ERM which is suitable for Technology and application service providers, data processors and software developers 

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NEXT Insurance is 100% dedicated to Small Businesses,

providing comercial insurance solutions, such as professional liability, General liability, Errors & Omissions (E&O), Commercial Auto, Business Owner's Policy among other coverages. It complements well Zyber Insurance solutions addressing cyber risks for small medium companies looking for a comprehensive coverage solution


NEXT insurance is a digital native insurance carrier, providing instante quotes and binding the insurance in minute. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, NEXT is licensed in most of the States in the US.   

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EMBROKER offers specialty insurance solutions for early stage and growth stage startups. Startup packages by EMBROKER include Directors & Officers, Employment practices liability, Tech Errors and Omissions as well as Cyber and Fiduciary Liability. 

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Parametrix protects companies against business interruptions incurred as a result of tech outages. Dependency of third-party tech is growing and companies rely more on remote services to operate smoothly and scale. These include public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), eCommerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce), content delivery networks (Fastly, Akamai, Cloudflare). When these service providers crash, businesses become incapacitated and revenue streams, productivity and reputation suffer. In the event of an outage, policyholders are paid a preset amount fast to recoup losses, mend the brand and compensate customers in accordance with commitments and/or Service Level agreements. The policy is parametric, so there is no tedious claims process or need to prove damages.


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