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eCommerce operations require availability; otherwise, customers may move to another page and purchase on an alternative website. In addition to the risks of business interruption caused by a cyber attack or cloud downtime, entrepreneurs are also required to comply with PCI regulations to properly handle payment systems and protect customers' personally identifiable information. Another important exposure in e-commerce is the potential risk of IP infringement and media liability. 


Our partnerships with a range of admitted and specialty insurers enable us to offer eCommerce entrepreneurs a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions, extending beyond the scope of traditional cyber insurance. This ensures that your business is fully protected from a wide array of potential risks.


eCommerce may vary from small businesses running inventory from third-party facilities to midsize and large enterprises operating their own warehouse and distribution facilities; depending on the risks of the physical assets, a conventional BOP or commercial insurance may cover the risks related to traditional property and casualty risks arising from fire and natural disasters. At the same time, cyber and media liability may protect the digital presence of the operations. One of the recent innovations in insurance is the protection for cloud downtime, so if your operation relies on cloud providers to monetize and may suffer high losses due to the unavailability of those cloud providers, the traditional insurance policies may be supplemented by a cloud downtime parametric policy.

eCommerce Insurance 
Beyond Cyber Insurance Protection

  • Cloud downtime protection for operations with monetization and risks to have losses due to cloud provider unavailability 

  • IP Infringement and Media Liability  

  • Cyber Insurance, including business interruption, incident response and data breach expenses

  • Directors & Officers (D&O) to protect the executives of the organization  

  • Traditional commercial insurance including commercial propriety, general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto and umbrella

Schedule a free Zoom Meeting consultation to discuss your specific protection needs and insurance requirements. Coverage is subject to underwriting and the terms, conditions and limits of the policy issue, and may vary from Insurer to Insurer. 

Typical eCommerce companies 


Business-to-consumer retailers (B2C) selling consumer goods, food & Beverage, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and durable products


Business-to-consumer services (B2C) selling travel packages, arranging reservations, advertising, transacting real estate property, scheduling, delivering, and charging for professional services.   


Platform Businesses intermediating short-term rentals, car rides, and various other services provided by other consumers. 


Dropshipping stores that sell products without holding inventory; instead, they transfer customer orders and shipment details to a third-party supplier.


Business-to-business (B2B) selling services and products to other companies as part of their supply chain  

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