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Digital Media 

Digital Media & Entertainment creates, distributes, or facilitates digital content consumption. While Cyber is a must-have for any tech startup and midsize enterprise, companies in this industry are exposed to media liability, IP infringement, and penalties by the FTC.


We partner with CFC Underwriting and Lloyd's of London to assist Media & Entertainment entrepreneurs in getting protected with solutions beyond Cyber insurance.


Media & Entertainment Specialty Insurance combines Cyber, Professional, and Technology Errors and omissions, Media, and General Liability in one policy, giving you peace of mind with comprehensive coverage, including Subcontractors' vicarious liability, the bread of contract in connection with IP infringement, and bodily and property damages for film and artistic productions.


This is a must-have protection for Digital Media entrepreneurs because the solution may require the administration of a high volume of personal identifiable information (PII). This Specialty Insurance includes IP and defamation coverage, specially designed for innovative digital media companies. It includes protection against allegations of IP, Copyright, and trademark infringement. 

Digital Media Insurance 
Beyond Cyber Insurance Protection

  • Bodily Injury and property damage liabilities arising from film and artistic productions

  • Protection against IP Infringement, copyright, trademark  and defamation  allegations

  • Legal Liabilities arising from breach of contract in connection with license agreements 

  • Sub-contractors' vicarious liability to protect against third party contractors 's mistakes

  • Cyber Incident expenses, including business interruption and regulatory penalties

Schedule a free Zoom Meeting consultation to discuss your specific protection needs and insurance requirements. Coverage is subject to underwriting and the terms, conditions and limits of the policy issue, and may vary from Insurer to Insurer. 

Typical Digital Media & Entertainment companies

Streaming Services for movies, TV shows, and original content; music streaming and podcast services


Social Media Platforms that also provides entertainment through videos, games and live streaming; video-sharing; short-form mobile videos; ,multimedia messaging app and augmented reality


Gaming Companies : Developer, publishers and distributors of video games 

Digital Content Creators and Distributors producing digital contents across various platforms, focusing on news, lifestyle and entertainment.

News and Information Platforms providing digital version of newspaper, offering news, opinion and multimedia content. 

E-Sports platforms focused on live streaming of sports and events

Marketing Agencies producing and publishing digital content 

Social Influencer platforms intermediating social media professionals and corporate sponsors

Marketing platforms tracking advertisement and digital media performance

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